Thursday, April 21, 2011

The True Finns

I don't normally blog about things non-scientific, but it was not my intention when I started to blog only about science.  I was very interested when I read about this political party in Finland.  Another blogger touched on other countries in the EU bailing each other out and I wanted to go a little deeper on this.

The True Finns are a nationalist party.  Besides xenophobia, they oppose bailouts of other countries.  They believe Finland should not be responsible for other countries in the EU.  Bailouts cover the banks.  Those interested in pure capitalism should and do oppose this, as did many Americans when we bailed out our banks.  Pure capitalism says nothing is too big to fail.  If it is failing, let it.  That's the way it goes.  How much does letting the banks of Greece and Ireland fail really hurt the euro?  Well, it would be an interesting experiment, that's for sure.  I agree with the True Finns that they shouldn't be responsible for other countries.  Stricter lending is necessary to avoid things like this. 

My very first entry outlined a resource based economy without currency which few agree with.  I'm also interested in pure capitalism only because the status quo is not working.  I'd like to try something different.  Pure capitalism is certainly polarizing to one extreme, and resource economies are the other opposite, but I ask this, why can't people be open minded enough to accept both methods as possibilities?  Do ultra conservative and ultra liberal have to be at odds?  Go True Finns!


  1. Xenophobia? Seriously? Come check me out,

  2. Great post. I am totally going to register to vote this next election. I missed it last time :p

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  3. This party sounds pretty interesting. I agree with a lot of what they say, but I also think banks shouldn't be bailed out.

  4. True Finns have pretty good ideas, but sadly they have other extremist ideas :/

  5. well pure capitalism more or less has the same flaws as true communism. people tend to screw things up.

    the whole idea for the government stepping in is to avoid undesirable effects. think about how many people are going to get screwed if we do let the banks fail. it is too hard to predict

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